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It could well be one of the most important discoveries of your life.
To show you why this might be true, let us give you some tough but useful news, followed by some very good news.

The Truth About Sex, Creativity And Well-Being

First, here’s something important we discovered in working with more than 20,000 people over the past 35 years: Most people are using less than 10% of their ability to feel the deep, delicious, whole-body satisfaction that comes when you fully liberate your Orgasm Reflex.

However, that’s only a tiny bit of the problem:
The big problem is that the Orgasm Reflex is not just physical and it’s not just about sex. How your Orgasm Reflex functions is a major factor in whether your creativity flourishes or withers away. Keeping your creativity flourishing, according to many experts, is the absolute essential in creating a happy life.

It Goes Deeper
It goes even deeper. How your Orgasm Reflex functions is a major factor in how good you feel in every moment you’re awake. That’s right: your Orgasm Reflex is a major factor in the overall energy and wellbeing you feel in every moment. That may be hard to believe, but you owe it to yourself to find out if it’s true for you.

Wilhelm Reich, M.D.
We want to give a great deal of credit to the pioneering psychiatrist, Wilhelm Reich, for his breakthrough observations about the Orgasm Reflex. Studying his work opened our eyes to the full nature of the Orgasm Reflex and its effect on health and happiness. Many books have been written by Reich and about Reich’s work; one of the best is called The Function Of The Orgasm. Although it came out more than 50 years ago, it is still one of the most brilliant books we’ve ever read. Our work with the Orgasm Reflex has gone far beyond what we first learned through Dr. Reich, but we want to acknowledge him and his work for pointing us in the right direction 35 years ago when we began to study breathing and movement.

Sex, Creativity And Beyond
Ultimately, the way your Orgasm Reflex works makes a huge difference in your whole-body feeling of vibrant health in every moment. When your Orgasm Reflex is blocked, you don’t just have a wet blanket on your sexual experience--it affects your whole being. As you go through the day, you don’t feel good as you could. Your creativity feels dampened; you feel vaguely out of sorts. Here’s what James Howard, a program participant said: “Before I took the course, it was like I had the parking brake on all the time. When I liberated my full Orgasm Reflex, it released the parking brake. Now I feel free with every breath I take and every step I take. I would never in a million years have imagined the difference it would make!”

The Very Good News
Now for the good news! You can make rapid, profound changes in the amount of orgasmic bliss you feel. All it takes is about ten minutes of your attention and the practice of a few simple processes. We think you’ll be amazed at the difference you feel. Perhaps even better, though, is the amazing boost you can feel in your creative energy. With about ten minutes a day of easy, pleasurable practice, you can feel a huge surge of creative expression in addition to intensifying the orgasmic bliss you feel.


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Do You Feel A Mini-Orgasm With Every Breath?

If not, you’re missing out on something. Let’s put it another way: Unless you feel waves
of pleasant, shimmering sensation when you breathe, you’re not breathing properly. When
you’re breathing well, you feel a mini-orgasm with every breath you take. Take a moment
now to find out if you’re breathing well. Tune in to your body sensations and discover
if you’re feeling sensations like these when you breathe:

  • As your in-breath comes in, you feel waves of shimmering, pleasant sensation across your belly and chest.
  • As you breathe out, you feel a pleasurable wave of sweet release. It’s a feeling
    of letting go, a satisfying sense of completion.
  • Then, the next wave of shimmering sensation spreads across your chest and belly as the next in-breath comes in.

If you’re not feeling sensations like those when you breathe, you owe it to yourself to find
out how to make it happen! The good news is that, with clear instruction, it doesn’t take
long to feel those delightful mini-orgasms when you breathe

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More About Your Creativity
Liberating your Orgasm Reflex has a direct and powerful effect of releasing your creative potential. By creative potential we mean your ability to generate new and useful contributions to the world around you. For one person it might be writing a book; for another it might be launching a new seminar. It might even be coming up with a new recipe for chocolate chip cookies, like Mrs. Fields did. Whatever it is, it feels like a good and true expression of your heart. It is what you want to contribute to the world. It is the expression of your essential self becoming appreciated by other people.

It may sound odd to equate sexuality and creativity. Many people haven’t thought of how closely they’re connected. But they are, and for a very good reason. When your Orgasm Reflex is not fully developed, you cannot fully participate in the flow of energy through you. If you cannot go all the way with your full Orgasm Reflex, you cannot go all the way to your full creative expression. It’s as simple as that.

On a more metaphysical level, think of your Orgasm Reflex as your personal connection to the pulsation of energy flowing throughout the universe. Just as the tides on earth are connected to the pull of the moon, your Orgasm Reflex is connected to a larger flow of creative energy that streams through the universe. We define ourselves by how open we are to that flow. When we’re closed to it, due to blocks in our Orgasm Reflex, we don’t get to ride the powerful waves that pulsate through us and around us. The flow of creative energy dwindles to a trickle, and we suffer as a result.

What Causes Blocks In The Orgasm Reflex?
There are three main life-challenges that put most of the glitches in the Orgasm Reflex. The first two mainly affect women; the third grips us all.

  • Sexual traumas
  • Difficult labor and birth
  • Childhood punishment, disapproval and shame

Sexual trauma affects a massive number of people. It certainly leaves its scars on the heart and mind, but most people don’t realize how terribly it affects your breathing. After you’ve been traumatized sexually, your breathing freezes partway-in and partway-out. You don’t take a full in-breath for fear of touching into the old pain of the trauma, and you don’t take a full out-breath for fear of telling the truth of that pain to the world. Your breathing becomes the battleground in this war between full inner feeling and fuller outer expression.

Difficult labor and childbirth can distort the structure of the pelvis and put major crimps in your breathing mechanisms. Anesthesia plays a big role, also. The peak amount of anesthesia is given at the height of pain, and the tendency of many people is to grit their teeth and hold their breath when they’re feeling pain. The anesthetic gases in your system, combined with pain, tension and fear during the birth process, can lock in distortions in your breathing that can last literally for decades.

Many of us can remember holding our breath in response to being shamed or punished during childhood. Some of us can also remember being overwhelmed by feelings such as the sadness of loss or the fear of being alone. During these times of difficult emotional turmoil, we can develop the problematic habit of using our breathing in an attempt to control our emotions. If you watch children struggling to control their emotions, you’ll often see them clench their jaws and take short, sharp in-breaths to keep from letting go and expressing those emotions. This habit sets up an Us versus Them relationship with our breathing. The healthy natural tendency of the breath is to go deeper and fuller when we’re feeling emotions. However, our mind has a different set of concerns. Part of the mind’s job is to keep you from doing things that get you in trouble with parents or other authorities. If your mind thinks you’re going to get in trouble from expressing your emotions—if your mind thinks saying “I’m scared” or “I’m sad” or “I’m angry” might get you punished or humiliated—your mind will often slam an inner door on your feelings. Holding your breath is the quickest way to slam that door.

Whatever the reason for the distortions in your breathing, the good news is that you can smooth those distortions out now. From working with several thousand couples and individuals ranging in age from teens to octogenarians, we can give you absolute assurance that it’s never too late to clear out these old distortions and ride your Orgasm Reflex to remarkable new heights of good feeling and good health.

It’s A Miracle, Really
Liberating your Orgasm Reflex is very good for you, and it also feels very, very good. Even if you’re using 75% of your creative potential and ability to feel orgasmic ecstasy, we can tell you this: claiming the other 25% will feel spectacularly good. In addition to teaching the Seven Practices to thousands of people, we’ve done them ourselves for the 30 years we’ve been together. We can give you our personal guarantee based on our own personal experience. We’re wildly more in love than we were when we first got together. Our lovemaking is fantastic, and it has gotten progressively more amazing every year we’ve been together.

What’s In The Program?
There are two components to the program:

  • The Video
  • The Monthly Q&A Seminar

Each component is designed to create the same rich learning-environment you would experience if you were sitting across from us in our office.

Component One: The Video
The LIBERATING YOUR FULL ORGASM REFLEX video is the heart and soul of the program. Although it’s less than an hour long, it’s got the keys in it to a lifelong adventure in pleasure and creativity. The video shows you step-by-step how to do the practices that liberate your orgasm reflex. All you need to do is devote ten minutes a day to the practices for a few weeks. Then, take note of the amazing new sensations awakening in you. After you feel the remarkable changes just a few weeks of practice bring you, we predict you will want to keep doing them your whole life. THERE IS NO UPPER LIMIT ON HOW GOOD YOU CAN FEEL! There is also no upper limit on how much creativity you can liberate in yourself.

When you buy the program, the video will instantly show up on your computer. You will be able to start right away enjoying the delights the main practices bring you.

Component Two: The Monthly Q&A Seminar
As part of the program, you’re invited to join us once a month on ‘live’ web-tv to ask questions, get feedback and fine-tune your practice. We also demonstrate experiential processes that you can adapt to your at-home learning.

Opening A Flow Of Sexual And Creative Energy
Each of the components of the program gives you a complementary set of tools you can to use in opening up a flow of sexual and creative energy within you. Combining slow, gentle movements with deep, easeful breathing, you can actually feel your body come alive with waves of deep, sweet sensation. As you’ll see on the video, the practices bring a smile to the face as you tap into the flow of energy that rests within all of us, waiting to be awakened.


To get a sense of the simple beauty of the techniques, watch a little bit
of one of the practices.

Take Ten Minutes And Prove It For Yourself
Even if we gave you our word or showed you a dozen testimonials, you’d still only prove it to yourself by trying it out. It only takes ten minutes a day to discover whether you can benefit or not.

(And as always, the program comes with our 100% guarantee. If for any reason at all you don’t resonate with the process, we'll be happy to give you a full refund, no questions asked!)

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